Bouncycastle.crypto.dll file is part of BouncyCastle.CryptoExt product developed by Bouncy Castle for .NET. It is responsible for The Legion of the Bouncy Castle functionality. This part is required for BouncyCastle.CryptoExt to function. If you are planning on replacing bouncycastle.crypto.dll with a new version make sure that you backup your old file. Replacing bouncycastle.crypto.dll file with a diffent version can cause BouncyCastle.CryptoExt to malfunction.

Available versions of bouncycastle.crypto.dll

Dll file nameComponentSize (Bytes)Size (KB)VersionTags
bouncycastle.crypto.dll BouncyCastle.CryptoExt 1425408 1.35 MB 1.7.4137.9688 Program Files (x86) SmartView2 
bouncycastle.crypto.dll BouncyCastle.CryptoExt 1425408 1.35 MB 1.7.4137.9283 Sources relintech Win8-Minsk01 CryptoCurrency lib 

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